As Jacob put it, “for the purpose of developing a hacker community” in San Diego. Note: We’re different from the 2600 group. Wikipedia lists 3 different meanings for ‘hacker’: We’re hobbyists, tinkerers, and builders of cool things (with an entrepreneurial bent). This is different from the blackhat / whitehat hackers, who are loosely speaking, breakers of things.

You don’t specifically need to be a frequent reader of Hacker News – as long as you’re the type of person who’s interested in the types of things found on HN (hacking, startups, etc.), you’ll fit in just fine.

Our meet ups are usually ALWAYS on the LAST FRIDAY of the month. However, you should join our Google Groups mailing list for last minute event date/time/venue details (just in case!!!)

Here’s a picture from our - 5th meetup - 10th meetup (largest turnout ever, we practically took up the entire coffee shop!)

Upcoming Meetup (usually last Fri every month)


San Diego SuperHappyDevHouse

Yes, SHDH is in San Diego too! Official page here:

Previous SDHN Meetups

Past SDHN meetups

Job posting guidelines on the mailing list

Job postings are ok but must meet one or more of the following criteria. We’re not so much trying to be controlling, we’re just making sure it doesn’t degenerate into spam and suck for everyone. As long as that doesn’t happen, we’re pretty accommodating and reasonable.

  1. By non-sleeping/lurking SDHN members looking for people to join them working on something cool (doesn’t have to be a real job per se, fun side projects are highly encouraged)
  2. Personally recommended by the person posting it
  3. Or some other value-add over just a blind drive-by posting (use Craiglist for that)